How to Join

Participant Group
  • Group A
      Film Commissions & Institutions
  • Opportunity to promote the locations, facilities, incentives, and other businesses.
      Film Commissions, Studios Locations, production facilities, incentives, and etc.
      Production Services Equipments rental, virtual technologies and facilities, shooting co-ordination and etc.
      Post-production companies
      Paid registration is required
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  • Group B
  • Find investors and business partners for the international co-production.
    Get the information on locations and support programs.
      Feature Films
      Transmedia projects such as Web Toon, Web Drama, VR Contents, and etc
    •   Up to 50 projects will be selected through project recruitment.
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    •   Required to have more than 6 meetings with Group A
  • Group C
      Investment & Production Companies
  • Meet outstanding projects in various genre of new talents.
    Have consultations on domestic and overseas locations, production incentives, and etc.
      Production house International co-production, IP, Shooting abroad, and etc
      Investor Development, Fund, Capital, and etc
    •   Around 30 companies will be invited
    •   Required to have more than 3 meetings with Group A, and 5 meetings with Group B
Terms of BIZ Matching
    Meeting Time
    Full Time Meeting Half Hour Meeting
    Admission will be allowed from 5 minutes before the time.
    1 hour longincluding setup time

    Meeting can last up to 50 minutes.

    30 minutes longincluding setup time

    Meeting can last up to 25 minutes.

    ※ Every appointment will be arranged as a full time meeting(1hour long) basically. However, please note that the meeting time can be shortened to a half hour meeting(30 minutes long) due to circumstances beyond our control.
    Offers & Benefits
     BIZ Badge
      Admission to BIZ Matching Lounge Crystal Garden / 1F
      Admission to the business & seating area Lounge B(Sicily Room) / 1F
     · Coffee breaks
     · Business office - available to use free WIFI, computers, prints, and so on.
      Admission to Forum sessions and other events Grand Ballroom, Capri Room / 2F
     Consecutive Interpretation Service    English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean
     Free Drink Coupons - valid at BIZ Matching Lounge