Project Pitching

프로젝트 피칭 스케쥴
2018 LINK OF CINE-ASIA not only features individual participants from Asian countries, but also numerous on-going projects under professional mentoring supported by institutes.
  • DAY 1 Oct 7(SUN)
  • DAY 2 Oct 8(MON)
 Korea Manhwa Contents Agency(KOMACON) PROJECTS PITCHING
  Date and Venue Oct 7(Sun) 10:30, Grand Ballroom 2F, Paradise Hotel
As the current trend that movies and dramas are produced based on webtoon, Korea Manhwa Contents Agency(KOMACON) will present 5 webtoons that are being-published or to-be-published through its own support project called 'Digital Comics IP Activation Promotion' during the pitching session of LINK OF CINE-ASIA. Feel free to have a meeting with agency during the biz matching session.
Classification Title Presenter Genre Country
Korea Manhwa
Contents Agency
The Land of the Spirits JANG Byungyeob Web Toon Korea
Dream to you Dennis CHA Web Toon Korea
ESC (On Earth Secret Code) KANG Shinho Web Toon Korea
Legend of the Gaia LIM Chungmook Web Toon Korea
Real Action LEE Hoonyoung Web Toon Korea
 AFiS(Busan Asian Film School) PROJECTS PITCHING 1
  Date and Venue Oct 7(Sun) 13:30, Grand Ballroom 2F, Paradise Hotel
AFiS Project Pitching is an event where fellows at Busan Asian Film School (AFiS) each present their fiction feature film projects developed through Project Development Workshop. From March, fellows have taken part in a series of workshops for project planning, development and pitching by AFiS faculty members and guest mentors. With their diverse cultural backgrounds and experiences, the fellows have interacted and inspired one another in developing feature film projects. The selected projects will be presented at the pitching session and business meeting of LINK OF CINE-ASIA.
Classification Title Presenter Genre Country
AFiS 1 The Land of Ancestors Nawa Nidhi DAHAL Feature Film NEPAL
Within Hours Jordan Katherine SEE Feature Film SINGAPORE
Worm and the Widow Abdul ZAINIDI Feature Film BRUNEI
Diwalwal Jarell Mahinay SERENCIO Feature Film PHILIPPINES
Rapture XU Jianshang Feature Film CHINA
The Healing Field SUM Sithen Feature Film CAMBODIA
Tunnel Under the Sea Joyce Chia-Yi CHOU Feature Film TAIWAN
Pitch by Pitch JUNG Jeewon Feature Film KOREA
David & Goliath Gale OSORIO Feature Film PHILIPPINES
Mayflies in the Mayhem Diego Batara Mahameru Feature Film INDONESIA
 SEAFIC(Southeast Asia Fiction Film LAB) PROJECTS PITCHING
  Date and Venue Oct 7(Sun) 16:30, Grand Ballroom 2F, Paradise Hotel
Southeast Asia Fiction Film Lab (SEAFIC), an intensive script and development lab with international industry veterans as mentors, aims to strengthen the quality of feature-length films from Southeast Asian filmmakers by helping advance their scripts and develop their projects. Each year, five 1st, 2nd, and 3rd-time filmmakers are selected to attend three lab sessions in Thailand and work with our script consultant over the span of eight months to develop their work-in-progress scripts. You will be able to meet the 5 films from Singapore, Indonesian, Laos and Thailand this year.

Classification Title Presenter Genre Country
(Southeast Asia Fiction Film Lab)
AH GIRL Sharon NG Feature Film Singapore
AJOOMMA TAN Si En Feature Film Singapore
Arnold is a Model Student KOVITVANITCHA Donsaron Feature Film Thailand
Crocodile Tears MARAHIMIN Amanda Feature Film Indonesia
Raising a Beast Xaisongkham INDUANGCHANTHY Feature Film Laos