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Registration Process
  Sign-up – Login - Forum/BIZ Matching Registration - Payment - My page
Registration Period
Category Content Advanced Registration On-site
Forum  Free July ~ September 10.7 ~ 10.9
Category Content Advanced Registration On-site
BIZ Matching [Group A]
Film Commissions &
Paid June - September 10.7 ~ 10.9
[Group B]
Support Will be registered separately -
[Group C]
Investment &
Production Companies
Invite Will be registered separately -
Registration for LINK OF CINE-ASIA
  • 1. Registration and Payment require to sign up.
  • 2. Check and Revision is available on MY PAGE.
  • ※ Only one user ID per a company can be used for Online BIZ Matching service.
Method of Payment
 Credit Card The payment by a credit/debit card is required to be completed online.
 Wire Transfer BFC bank information will be provided after the registration
※ On the Registration Status page, You can find the online payment link or BFC bank information.