BIZ Matching

(Registration for Group A)

※ For the participants from 'Film Commissions & Institutions'(Group A)
Registration Process
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Paid Registration
Business meeting Registration
Type Price Complimentary
BIZ Badge
June - August
BIZ Meeting A $2,000 - 2 15 Daily
(Total 45)
For AFCNet members,
1room for
4nights provided
BIZ Meeting B $3,000 1room
4 20 Daily
(Total 60)
Available for
  • ※ Sharing
    If member or sub-companies want to participate in BIZ Matching altogether, please register "BIZ Meeting B". In this case, $300 of additional fee will be charged per a company.
  •    If members are more than 5, 2 Drink Coupons per a company for a day will be provided additionally.
  •    BIZ Badge should be purchased separately.
  • ※ 10% VAT will be added to all payments.
  • ※ Tax exempted for overseas companies
Benefits for the BIZ Matching Participants
  •   Advanced Online Registration
  •   BIZ Matching management service
  •   Drink Coupon(valid at BIZ Matching Lounge)
  •   Accommodation Reservation Service(consultation with the manager required)
  •   BIZ Badge
  •   Consecutive Interpretation Service
  •   10 deals of BIZ Matching will be guaranteed
BIZ Badge Price (For 'Group A', this will be charged only for additional badges.)
Type Advanced Registration On-site Registration Note
June ~ September 10. 7 ~ 10. 9
BIZ Badge $100 $200  
Daily Pass - $100  
  • ※ Access to Forum Venue is available with BIZ badges.
  • ※ On-site registration for DAILY PASS can be restricted according to the deadline.
  • ※ 10% VAT will be added to all payments.(Tax exempted for overseas companies)
  • ★ Please note that this price regulation applies only for paid participants, and paying only for BIZ Badge without purchase BIZ Meeting will not be allowed.
What is the BIZ Badge for?
  •   Admission to BIZ Matching Lounge
  •   Admission to an exclusive room for BIZ Matching(Lounge B)
  •   Guest Package(including the official publications)
  •   Available to attend every session, reception and event