How to Join

The second floor of Paradise Hotel  is used as an exhibition venue for LINK OF CINE-ASIA, Busan Lounge, and AFCNet Lounge that is opened to the public. It can encourage communications among film industry people and visitors who do not participate in BIZ Matching to gain information comfortably. Busan Lounge will be run by film institutions and associations based in Busan. It is expected for Asian film businesses to build up networks.

In AFCNet Lounge, opportunities to get information on shooting overseas can be gained. Moreover, any questions can be asked to veteran film workers. Also, do not miss the chance to participate for a prize draw! Busan Lounge presents Cinema House(hotel) vouchers for three days to two domestic participants. Cinema House is an accommodation for mostly film makers and movie staff, opened in last March. Many Korean movie teams such as The Drug King, I Can Speak, and Gongjak have stayed in Cinema House. Moreover, AFCNet Global Networking Party will throw Lucky Draw Event and give a range of presents. Do not miss that chance!

※ Details will be updated soon