Networking Events

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How to attend
The 3rd LINK OF CINE-ASIA will provide all the participants and film professionals with evening reception and networking parties in order to encourage them to build up free networks as below.
LINK OF CINE-ASIA Opening Reception and AFCNet Global Networking Party are open to all filmmakers. In addition, as a number of networking events are provided for 3 days from October 7th (Sun) to October 9th (Tue), we are looking forward to your participation in our joyful events. (*some of events are by invitation only.)
  Date and Venue Oct. 7(Sun) 15:30~16:00, Miami Room, 2F, Paradise Hotel
Do not miss a chance to get to know about filming opportunities in Peace Gangwon! The very special Open Reception of “Yes, GANGWON!!” – LOUNGE OF PEACE GANGWON is to promote Gangwon, which has been popular worldwide after 2018 PyeongChang Olympic Winter Games. You’ll have information regarding the incentives and support services that Gangwon provides to overseas film productions at the Open Reception of “Yes, GANGWON!!” – LOUNGE OF PEACE GANGWON.
 LINK OF CINE-ASIA Opening Reception
  Date and Venue Oct. 7(Sun) 19:00~21:00, Open Garden, Paradise Hotel
An Opening Reception of LINK OF CINE-ASIA is an evening of talks and networking opportunities for both Asian film professionals and institutes from all over the world. The event is open to all film professionals not only the participants of LINK OF CINE-ASIA.
 BMDB Networking Party (※ Invitation only) 
  Date and Venue Oct. 7(Sun) 20:30~22:30, Dongbaek theatre
2018 BMDB(Busan Movie DataBase) Networking Party is having its 3rd edition this year. During the periods of Busan International Film Festival which makes Busan, City of Movie more splendid, 2018 BMDB Networking Party will be hosted for Busan-based film professionals not only actors and actresses but also directors and staffs.
 ARRI Party (※ Invitation only) 
  Date and Venue Oct. 8(Mon) 19:30~21:30, Capri Room, 2F, Paradise Hotel
ARRI, renowned for its top notch shooting equipments has held 'ARRI Centenary Party' in great success during the last year LINK OF CINE-ASIA. You can join the ARRI Party at the LINK OF CINE-ASIA again! Please note that invitation is needed to join the party.
 2018 Korean Film Producers' Night [PGK-Night]
  Date and Venue Oct. 8(Mon) 21:00~, Dongbaek Theatre
PGK-Night is one of the best party among the annual parties during the Busan International Film Festival and will be held in Dongbaek Theatre located right in front of LINK OF CINE-ASIA event venue, Paradise Hotel. Please come and enjoy the party 'of the filmmakers', 'by the filmmakers', 'for the filmmakers'!
 AFCNet Global Networking Party Co-hosted by PGK
  Date and Venue Oct. 9(Tue) 18:30~20:30, Grand Ballroom, 2F, Paradise Hotel
AFCNet Global Networking Party will be held following AFCNet(Asian Film Commissions Network) General Assembly which has been held annually during LINK OF CINE-ASIA. This year, 'Producers Guild of Korea' will be the co-host of the party, encouraging Asian film professionals to interact briskly. The event will hold the awards, 'AFCNet Producer of the Year' which is awarded by AFCNet members. Also all filmmakers will be welcome to this get-together as well.
  AFiS & NAPNet Night
  Date and Venue Oct. 9(Tue) 21:00~23:00, Dongbaek theatre
New Asian Producers Network: NAPNet is a group consisting of fresh asian producers who graduated from international film business academy of Busan Film School. The organization was founded in order to both invigorate Asian Film industry based on each producer's experience and specialty, and suggest new alternatives following the global trend for Asian films. 'AFiS & NAPNet Night' co-hosted by both AFiS(Busan Asia Film School) and NAPNet is open to all the film professionals who visited LINK OF CINE-ASIA and Busan International Film Festival.