How to join
The 3rd LINK OF CINE-ASIA offers 3 free use of lounges in order to have the participants and visitors enjoy various experiences and comfort spaces with the lounges located on 2nd floor of Paradise Hotel for 3 days, October 7 (Sun) to 9 (Tue).
At these lounges, visitors will be able to have very rare opportunities to test "Interactive Film" developed through new technology by Electronics and Telecommunication Research Institute (ETRI). In addition, you can take advantage of many different experiences such as tasting the Indonesian coffee that tastes bitter and sour in harmony. please feel free to come and take your joyful time at our lounges.
 BUSAN Lounge with Interactive Film by ETRI
  DATE / VENUE 10.7(SUN)~10.9(TUE) / Napoli Room, 2nd floor, Paradise Hotel Busan

In BUSAN Lounge, you will meet the numerous business such as “Cinema House Busan” and “Busan Visual Industry Center” which are run by Busan Film Commission. You can find “Interactive Film” that ETRI (Electronics and Telecommunication Research Institute) and Busan Metropolitan Government have developed together. To make those films, interactive media creation platform technology developed by ETRI is used. Please come find the interesting films with the most up-to-date technology at BUSAN Lounge with Interactive Film by ETRI. The interactive media creation platform technology allows creators to find the most appropriate media among the ones suggested to create the interactive media that let the audience make specific choice or behavior.
 AFCNet Lounge with ASEAN Culture House
  DATE / VENUE 10.7(SUN)~10.9(TUE) / Venice Room, 2nd floor, Paradise Hotel Busan

AFCNet (Asia Film Commissions Network), Asia's largest non-profit international film-related organization founded in 2004, is now a biggest film commissions network with 58 film commissions and government agencies from 18 countries established to promote balanced growth of Asian Film industry. You can get the relevant information regarding the beautiful filming locations in Asian countries and incentives that each country provide. With collaboration with ASEAN CULTURE HOUSE in 2018, it is introducing the ASEAN culture with the rich aroma of the premium coffee. You can enjoy Asia 100% with free flavory coffee and refreshments here.
  DATE / VENUE 10.7(SUN)~10.9(TUE) / Miami Room, 2nd floor, Paradise Hotel Busan

Gangwon Film Commission presents “Yes, GANGWON!!”- LOUNGE OF PEACE GANGWON, branding Gangwon-do province. Gangwon, surrounded by its beautiful sceneries, has been emerging as a hot filming location after its successful debut to the world with 2018 PyeongChang Olympic Winter Games. Hosting the 1st “Pyeongchang International Peace Film Festival (PIPFF)” in next June, Gangwon is now spreading its wings to soar as an internationally renowned filming hub. “Yes, GANGWON!!” – LOUNGE OF PEACE GANGWON is free & open to the public. Please come and witness the future of GANGWON as a center of Asian filming industry.
 Lounge B (※ BIZ Matching Participants Only) 
  DATE / VENUE 10.7(SUN)~10.9(TUE) / Sicily Room, 1st floor, Paradise Hotel Busan

Lounge B is a waiting room for the business matching guests in LINK OF CINE-ASIA. With full access to the free beverage, refreshments and laptops with Wi-Fi, you can also personal meeting with other guests here. Lounge B is business matching guests only. Other 3 Lounges on 2nd floor are open to the all participants.